• Glazing the Surfboards

    Glazing the Surfboards

    I spray or brush four or more glazes on each surfboard before putting it in the kiln for a nice long firing.

  • Surfboards for Your Wall

    Surfboards for Your Wall

    I introduced my new Surfboard wall art at yesterday's Maui Swap Meet.  It was an exciting day with immediate sales.  Mahalo, my dear customers, for your support!

  • New Work

    New Work

    I've started creating a new set of work using my slab roller and handbuilding techniques.  I am calling these wall hangings Surfboards -- a surfboard slice of what happens in the oceans surrounding Maui.  These are the first pieces that I put in the kiln to bisque fire this past week.

  • Tropical Beauty

    Tropical Beauty

    Steve and Rhenae are the happy owners of one of my newest creations - an octopus vase.  I love the flower arrangement they created.  Mahalo, Steve and Rhenae!

  • Live From the Maui Swap Meet

    Live From the Maui Swap Meet

    Liam Mathis interviewed me at the Maui Swap Meet for his YBEAM (Youth Broadband Education & Awareness Mentoring) video project.  Check out the video at the YBEAM website  Mahalo, Liam!

  • World Whale Day is coming in February

    World Whale Day is coming in February

    Stop by my booth #69 on February 18th where I'll be showing new artwork for the World Whale Day celebration at Kalama Park on S. Kihei Road between E. Welakahao and Auhana roads.  Join in the festivities from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.  You'll find all kinds of fun for the keiki and plenty of great entertainment for you too!

    Photo credit:  Pacific Whale Foundation